Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend: It’s All About The Right Wish At The Right Time!

Once a year, you have a day where you get to be as self-centered as you want to and no one would blame you for it. It is your day and no one can take it from you.

It is the day everyone would be there for you and only you. Everyone will let you feel the love they have for you in every way possible.

You would have a lot of people celebrating your achievements throughout the year. The goal will be to encourage you to achieve even more on your new year to come, a lot would be happy for you, so proud of you, and glad to have you. 

When it is your boyfriend’s birthday, it is just the most special ever. You would want to do whatever you can to make him feel your love.

You would do whatever it takes to make his day special as possible and let him feel how much he actually means to you.

A gift would not be enough to make him feel your love, you would want to get him the whole world and it still will not tell him how much you really love him.

So, if you do not know how to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday properly, here are some instructions to help you with so:

If your boyfriend is not into celebrations and partying, you can do the following steps:

You can get him his favorite cake and play his favorite music in the house. Know what he wants, get it for him as a gift and just celebrate his special day together romantically.

Or you can just have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant with a cute gift for him from you.

If your boyfriend likes big parties and celebrations, those following instructions can help you:

Throw him a big surprise party. Invite his favorite close friends and family members. Make sure to cook or order the food he loves the most for his party. Bring him his favorite cake.

Or you can get him tickets for his favorite band or artist’s concert, that would be cool as well.

If your boyfriend is away or out of town on the day of his birthday, those cute suggestions can help:

You can arrange him a surprise party for when he comes back, and invite his best friends over & get him his favorite cake. Until he comes back, you can mail him a cute gift to cheer him up.

And here are some quotes to help you make him feel your love if you are having a hard time expressing your feeling through words.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Romantic:

  1. I cannot and do not want to imagine my life without your sweet existence. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  2. Happy birthday to the source of all the happiness in my life. I love you, babe.
  3. Happy birthday to the wonderful man you are and the amazing boyfriend you are to me. I love you.
  4. Thank you for making my life much easier just by being in it. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  5. You light up my darkest days like no other & you are my sunshine. Happy birthday, Boo.
  6. You are the reason why I wake up every morning and I hope that never changes. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  7. No words can ever describe how much I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  8. For all the time you made me feel special, today I am going to make you feel like a king. Happy birthday, Boo.
  9. I would go to the ends of the world just to make you feel how much I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  10. I would have gotten you the whole world and it still will not be enough. Happy birthday, dear darling.
  11. Thanks for loving me even when I did not love myself enough. Happy birthday, Pumpkin.
  12. All the stars are nothing compared to the light of your eyes. Happy birthday, sweet thing.
  13. Every day, I always try to remind you of how much I love you; today I am going to make you feel even more loved and special. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  14. Happy birthday to the marvelous soul you have inside of that cute body of yours. I love you, darling.
  15. You do not fix or heal me but you do make me forget about the world. Happy birthday, soul mate.
  16. You make me forget that I am all alone, I will forever be grateful for that. Happy birthday, love.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Funny:

  1. Happy birthday to the most beautiful pain in the back I never wished to live without. I love you, Boo.
  2. We fight a lot, and I want to fight, even more, it is  really fun making your sweet face look angry. Happy birthday, Boo.
  3. You will never know how much you mean to me, and I will never tell you. Happy birthday though, baby Boo.
  4. 4-    I love you so much and I love you, even more, every day   and I love more and more when you are not being annoyed. Happy birthday, sugar boo.   
  5. You make me happy. Not more than food, but you DO make me happy generally and that counts. Happy birthday, love.
  6. You make hard times even harder… that did not come out right… but it is true though. Happy birthday to my beautiful ache in the heart.
  7. I love you more than food and less than makeup, you are in the  perfect zone, babe. Happy birthday. 
  8. You make everything more fun by ruining them and just suggesting doing another activity. Happy birthday, babe.
  9. I promise to stop being annoying and give you the special day you deserve to have… or at least to try to. Happy birthday, babe.
  10. My life would have been way less painful without you in it. However, you are so worth the pain though.  Happy birthday, babe.
  11. You are the sweetest devil any humble angel can ever recklessly fall in love with. Happy birthday, babe.
  12. You are not that beautiful, honey. However, you are beautiful enough for me that I see no one else but you. Happy birthday, baby.
  13. Your birthday is going to be more fun than mine is because  unlike you, I am a better party planner, just saying. I love you. Boo. 
  14. Thanks for being the annoying over attached boyfriend I have ever wanted to have. Happy birthday, babe.
  15. You are the most annoyingly brilliant man I have ever come to know. That was a compliment gone wrong but it is honest though. Happy birthday, babe. 
  16. Happy birthday to the most out of tone symphony I never want to stop listing to. I love you, babe.
  17. They said that great things take time, but with you, it took an eternity. Happy birthday to the latest on-time babe.   
  18. You are like the sun to me, you light my way and hurt my sight sometimes. Happy birthday, babe.
  19. Hope you never leave because I finally got used to you sweet loud annoying voice. Happy birthday, babe.

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend:

  1. Thanks for still being a good friend to me. Happy birthday, mate.
  2. Thanks for leaving to make a room for a better you to come along. Happy birthday though.
  3. We might be apart but I will never forget the beautiful moments we once had. Happy birthday.
  4. I never thought it would not work but it happened, but I am so glad we are still on good terms. Happy birthday, mate.
  5. I hope you are doing just fine without the coolest girl you have ever been with. Just kidding. Happy birthday, mate.
  6. You are not forgotten, but you are not remembered either. I just wanted to wish you a blessed birthday.
  7. I wish you all the success in the new year of yours. Happy birthday, mate.
  8. You are not in my heart anymore but you are on my mind. So happy birthday, buddy.
  9. Happy birthday to my number one most hated ex-boyfriend or what! Wish you the coolest birthday ever, mate.
  10. Thanks for being a former part of my life and for all the good time we had. Happy birthday, mate.
  11. I wish you found the one you have been looking for and get the love you deserve. Happy birthday.

Birthdays are fun to celebrate, especially that of the man you love. You would have a lot to celebrate throughout the year and have many ways to celebrate it. You have to make sure your boyfriend feels as special as you see him, make him feel the love he has built in your heart.

 Let him know how much you appreciate him and how much you are willing to do just to see his lovely smile. Make his birthday as memorable and unforgettable as possible for your beloved boyfriend.

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