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Birthday Wishes For Friend: The 37 Epic Wishes And More!

So, you want some birthday wishes for friend because their day is coming up and you want to make as special as you possibly can! Well, you have come to the right place for the greatest birthday wishes!

No matter who your friend is, you’ll find the perfect wish here:

  • 13 Birthday Wishes For Friend Female
  • 13 Birthday Wishes For Friend Male
  • 11 Birthday Wishes For Friend Funny

We’ve gathered a different combination of birthday wishes for friend, so you can choose the best birthday wish depending on who your friend is.

Even the simplest thing as a birthday wish can make your friend’s day. But, that’s not all! If you want your friend to have an ultimate experience on this one that comes once year, you need to make them feel special.

Because, remember you called them a friend for a reason, and that reason is, of course, powerful enough to make this one day special.

 Therefore, Here Is What You Need To Do:

·         Prepare A Surprise Birthday Party:

To make that happen, you have to know their favorite place and try to book it for their birthday. Then, invite their loved ones, friends and family. Most importantly, know their favorite flavor and have a cake made of it.

·         Birthday Present:

Know what they need and love and get it for them as a birthday present, it is important to get them a gift they really love or it would be useless and your effort will go to waste. Sometimes the little things are what makes one happy, so pay attention to their details to know what they love and want.

·         Birthday Wishes For Friend:

Until the birthday party, shower them with these quotes so that they will feel loved throughout the inter month, not only their birthday. Words can sometimes move mountains of emotions, so here are some quotes that can help you tell your birthday friend how much you feel for them.

Now, here the birthday wishes, let us know in the comment bellows which one you’ll choose for your friend, and how you’re planning the birthday party for them!

13 Birthday Wishes For Friend Female:

  1. Words can win sometimes, but this time I know they will lose. Happy Birthday.
  2. I have known you for only a couple of years and am already mesmerized by how wonderful your soul is, I can only envy you for being along yourself longer than I ever did. Happy Birthday.
  3. I could wish for you to be better but you already are evolving every day and becoming better and brighter even in your darkest days, you are such an inspiration.
  4. The world could not be the same without you, I mean it in a special kind of way, you add something into everything and you make every little thing feels different from how it actually is. Happy Birthday
  5. Happy Birthday. You have survived long enough that it deserves a celebration indeed; you are the strongest when it comes to tough times and the softest when it comes to rough times, and you are just gracefully flexible.
  6. I wish you the most excited birthday ever so far, because plain birthdays are lame.
  7. I wish this new year of yours would be a lot happier and less more painful than your former year was.
  • I want to be there through every important moment of your life including this special day, the day skies blessed us with your presence, and I hope I can actually do that. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish on your Birthday that you will always find your way and never get lost in your own path.
  • I wish you found the satisfaction you deserve. Happy Birthday
  • I wish you would be here with me for at least your next birthday… just to make sure you have survived another year and encourage you to fight your way through another one.
  • Happy blessed birthday to the wonderful woman you are, were and shall always be.
  • You casted your spill on everyone around you and makes it hard to forget you. Happy Birthday.

So, if you have a guy friend with a birthday coming up? Here are…

13 Birthday Wishes For Friend Male:

  1. The first time we met, I was already planning for your birthday gift, I was so excited to be a part of that day of yours and had a lot in mind for how to make it more special than every year have passed. Happy Birthday.
  2. Now that it is actually here… Happy Birthday. I do not know what to say, I am tongue-tied, I am just too overwhelmed with joy because I am actually a part of that day.
  3. I know I cannot do anything that would make your being any more special than it already is, so I will just do my best to make this day more special than every one ever passed. Happy Birthday.
  4. I wish you a happy Birthday. However, Words cannot describe how many soul and color you add to every day you live along us; you touch all of our lives in the most spiritual way.
  5. It is an honor for me to be a part of your day and I shall respect that honor and try my all not to disappoint you in any way.
  6. You do not need all those words to make you special, you are much more amazing than these words, or any other words can ever tell.
  7. You make life seem so much easy to deal with when actually it has always been hard on you to go through the days, Happy Birthday.
  8. You are the most down-to-earth thoughtful man any one can ever ask to be in his presence.
  • You have done so much for everyone around you and today is such a great chance for us to make you feel as half-special as you make all of us feel. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish that I could witness all your difficulties and be there for you through them all wither to strengthen you up or to celebrate with you.
  • I wish you never suffer again but learn the lesson.
  • Wish this year is less stressful than the past ones, but even if it was any bit heavier than you can handle… I will be here trying to pick it up with you.
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest spicy man anyone will ever come to meet.

You can add a funny touch to your birthday wish by choosing from our…

11 Birthday Wishes For Friend Funny:

  1. I do not know what to wish you for your birthday since you already got me but it is what normal people do so for just this one time I will try to be normal just for you.
  2. Making a wish right before blowing a candle seems weird… In addition, lazy to be honest, if you want something to happen just go out there and make it happen already!
  3. I remember my last birthday wish was for me to be here today in hopes of helping you making your birthday wish for this year come true. 
  4. Apart from the silly rhymes, I know I can never be serious around you, but I really just want you to remember how much you mean to me and how much I am willing to do and go through just to see you OK. Happy Birthday
  5. You deserve all the joy you try so hard to sprinkle all-over us all, you are such a colorful parade.
  6. I will never be as funny as you are but I can make you laugh, I can fake a fall or walk into a wall, those were funny to my little nephew, so I guess they will work for you, yeah.
  7. Anyway, birthdays are scary; I mean… who is to tell when it is the beginning of your new year or the ending of your current one! The year-ends when you feel fulfilled enough to consider it a satisfying year.
  8. So not happy birthday to you, happy days to you, buddy.
  9. You make everything feels a little lighter and light up every dark day much brighter. Happy Birthday
  10. You were always there for me waiting with your jokes to cheer me up when I am down. So thank you and happy Birthday
  1. You are not only my favorite friend, but you are also my favorite comedian channel one. Happy birthday.

Now, you got more than 30 quotes to lead your way into the birthday but You have to know that the best kind of people are those who just celebrate their Birthday Day with simplicity, the blessings they have gained through that year and the bullets they have dodged along with their favorite family, friends and loved ones.

You can always be creative and come up with other quotes and ideas for your friends based on what they prefer and love more, but if you followed, the former steps and quotes… consider the hard part is over.

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