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Birthday Wishes For Niece: +50 Wishes To Make It The Best Day!

Birthdays are much fun and joyful especially when it is the birthday of a dear family member. You would have a lot to celebrate and so many memories to be grateful for.  A party would make the day fun but the gathering of the family and friends will make it special and heartwarming.

You have been there with them for most of their lives, you have watched them change and grow up into the person they are now, and it is so special to you as well. You would have a lot to be proud of and happy for, you have been there from the very start.

Nieces are always special; sometimes you would feel like they are your own little girl. You have watched them throughout the years being silly, fun and childish, and now it is cute how grown up they have become! A doll would not be enough anymore, you want to get them something even more special, you need something to make their birthday more and more special.

Sometimes your niece might feel like your own daughter considering the amount of love and care you have invested in her the day she was born and so you feel as happy as her own mother does.

Here are some suggestions to make your niece’s birthday joyful and fun:

If she is a little kid, you can help make her birthday special by trying the following:

You can bring her the doll she likes the most or generally just the toy she wants. Get her the cake she prefers and just helps planning and organizing her birthday celebration with her mom and see if there is anything else you can do to make her day perfect as possible.

If she is a teenager, then the following suggestions might be helpful:

With the help of her mother, you can throw her a surprise party and invite over her friends. Make sure her favorite food is there and so is her favorite cake. Moreover, give her money, girls that age need money to buy clothes and makeup and all. Therefore, I think that money can be a wise choice for a birthday gift.

If she is a grown young woman, you can try doing the following:

A nice dinner or lunch can do the job. She could need some quality time with you and have a little chat about life. Sweet and encouraging words from you to her might also be great enough to give her the push she needs in life.

Happy Birthday Niece funny:

  1. Happy birthday to the cutest annoying little girl. I love you, kiddo.
  2. You have always been a child of mine not only a niece. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  3. I wish all your dreams came true in a blink of an eye. Happy birthday, honey.
  4. I wish you grew up into the wonderful woman we all see in you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  5. I hope you get everything you have ever wanted and more. Happy birthday, kiddo.
  6. I am not good with words but I am trying my best to let you know how much I love you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  7. I cannot wait to celebrate your special so let us get the party started. Happy birthday, kid.
  8. I may not say it a lot but you are my favorite of all the kids of this annoying family. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  9. I believe in you and I know for sure that you are going to achieve so much in your life. Happy birthday, honey.
  10. You will always be special to me. Remember that. Happy birthday, little girl.
  11. Do not tell your mother that, but I love you more than her. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  12. I wish you all the happiness and joy in this world. Happy birthday, cutie.
  13. I will be waiting for you to grow up just so we can have the coolest girls’ night out ever. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  14. Happy birthday to the most adorable niece in the whole world. I love you, sweetie.
  15. I wish you the good life I have always wanted to have a little girl like you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  16. You are your mother’s favorite blessing. Happy birthday, honey.
  17. The day you were born, I did not think I would get this attached to you but here I am! Happy birthday, cutie.
  18. I wish you all the cotton candy and jellybeans in this world, little child. Happy birthday.
  19. Your smile is one of the shiniest stars I have ever admired. Happy birthday, child.
  20. I hope you never lose your drive and passion in life. Happy birthday, sweet child.
  21. I cannot wait until you grow up enough to share your clothes with me. Happy birthday, kid.
  22. I wish I could be there for you whenever you need me to. Happy birthday, cutie.
  23. I hope you find the love you are putting in everyone around you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  24. You are always fun to be around and you bring so much laughter, little kid. Happy birthday.
  25. I promise to take good care of much as any aunt should and even more. Happy birthday, kid.
  26. I wish you never wasted your time nor your energy ever in your life. Happy birthday, cutie.
  27. May your path be full of light and darkness free along the way. Happy birthday, kiddo.
  28. I hope never lose your way in your life. Happy birthday, sweet child.
  29. I wish you the coolest birthday any girl your age can dream of having. Happy birthday, cutie.
  30. I wish you a big party filled with cool food for your birthday today. I love you, kiddo.
  31. You are the strongest young woman I have ever seen, God bless you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  32. You were my favorite pain in the back and now you are my favorite party partner. Happy birthday, girl.
  33. You make me laugh like no other; your stupidity inspires me a lot. Happy birthday to the sweetest young giggler.
  34. Happy birthday to the most brilliant little girl in my life. I love you, kiddo.
  35. I wish you got the biggest best birthday cake ever so I can eat most of it. Happy birthday, cutie.
  36. No matter how grown up you become, you will always be my little niece. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  37. I wish you never lose your hope and never get disappointed. Happy birthday, child.
  38. I wish you never ran out of luck in your life along the way. Happy birthday, sweet child.
  39. I hope you never lose that spark in your eyes no matter how life gets dark. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  40. My cute niece, you are my favorite addition to my family, Happy birthday
  41. I wish God gave me a gift like he did with my sister, happy birthday
  42. I asked God for a little sister but he gave me a more wonderful gift by creating you, happy birthday
  43. You made me feel like a mother, a sister and a friend since you came to my life happy birthday
  44. My dear Niece, I hope you could learn a lesson or two from me to help you through your life, happy birthday
  45. The day you were born in the best day in my life, it’s the day I turned into an aunt, Happy birthday
  46. Dear niece, you need to know that I will always love you no matter what. Happy birthday
  47. Dear Niece, I am happy to see that you become more and more like your Mother, she was the perfect sister anyone can ask for happy birthday
  48. For the daughter I never had, but always wish for. Happy birthday
  49. You brought back old memories by watching you grow up in our family happy birthday
  50. Happy birthday to my little sister, my wonderful Niece happy
  51. I wish you could stay young forever my sweet niece happy birthday
  52. The day you were born I become closer to your mother,  we were sisters now I feel like a second mother to you happy birthday
  53. My Dear Niece, note that you are a daughter to me not just a Niece. Happy birthday

Once a year you get tell the people you love how much they mean to you, you get the chance where you are face to face with the idea of making them happy and letting them know that they are loved by you, make them know their value in your life.

Make you Niece birthday as special and memorable as possible; make her childhood the best childhood ever. Make sure you have done your best to make her feel how much you care for her, love her like the daughter you never had and  make her grateful for his existence

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