Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes For Sister: The Best Words To Make Her Special!

Birthdays are such a special occasion; it is the celebration of the day you were brought to this world. You may also celebrate your survival of another year. That’s why you need to spice up your sister’s birthday with birthday wishes for sister.

You either have a big party with your friends and family or attend a big party or concert. Gather around with your family for a cake and drinks, what matter is that you will not be spending this special day your sister, you will always find and have someone who would care enough to help you make this day as unforgettable as possible.

When it is the birthday of a family member, it is always more special.

Sisters are the sweetest girls, in general, they are gorgeous, and you can make their day just by a lovely compliment. 

If you have a sister, you will have a fun yet dramatic life. But, hey! No package is perfect.

So, make sure that on your sister’s birthday, you make her feel as loved as she deserves and let her know how much she means to you.

Help her have fun as much as needed on that day. She may not make it look as a big deal it is, birthdays are always important to all girls.

If you are having a hard time planning for your sister’s birthday, here are few ideas that could help:

If she is a little kid, you can try using the following ideas:

Get her the doll or the toy she loves, make her the cake she likes and finds delicious, invite some of her close best friends over for a little celebration.

If she is a teenager, these next suggestions might be helpful:

Give her money. They all need money at such an age to get cute clothes and shoes. Plan a surprise party for her and invite her close friends and favorite family members. Play the dance music she likes the most, provide a proper dance area for her and her friends to dance and enjoy the music. Get her the cake she prefers the most.

If she is a grown-up, this is the most delicate thing you can try with her:

Take her to a fancy restaurant and have a nice meal and maybe a cake, then take her to the movies maybe or a concert, just make sure she spends a good, fun and stress-free day with her thoughtful sibling. 

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister:

  1. I am so lucky you have you as my sister. You are the coolest. Happy birthday, oldie. 
  2. Dear sis, too many birthdays have passed and you still look young as ever. Happy birthday, my sister.
  3. Do not know what you want for your birthday, sis, but you already got me so yay you.
  4. It is common to have a sister but not so common to have the best friend in your sister, you are a beautiful uncommon sister. Happy birthday.
  5. I wish one day I could grow into the great person you are. Happy birthday, sis.
  6. We may fight a lot and I try to rip your face off, but you are my favorite human ever. Happy birthday, sis.
  7. Not many are lucky enough to have a fun sister like you. Happy birthday, cutie.
  8. We do not only share blood, we also share clothes. Happy birthday, sis.
  9. I do not want my words to sound corny so I will not say anything. Happy birthday, sis.
  10. Happy birthday to my all-time favorite pain in the back. I love you, sis.
  11. Congrats! You are one year closer to leaving the house so I could get your room. Happy birthday, sis.
  12. My gift for you as my sister is helping you with being outstanding today for your birthday, now stand outside.
  13. I just want you to know that no one will ever bug you as much as I do. I love you, sis. Happy birthday.
  14. No matter how many times we tell on each other, we always got each other’s back when needed. Happy birthday, love.
  15. You are the luckiest sister ever because you got me as your sibling, just reminding you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  16. I would not have wished for a better sister to spend my childhood bothering. Happy birthday, love.
  17. I like how our music taste is the same, but please stop using my headphones. Happy birthday, sis.
  18. You are my favorite sister, not because you are amazing, but because you are the only sister, I have so it is not optional. Happy birthday.
  19. If I had to choose a sister other than you, I would still choose you… Because we have the same foot size. Happy birthday.
  20. I love you more than any funny birthday quote can ever tell. Happy birthday, sis.
  21. I may not show it… intentionally… However, you mean so much to me. Happy birthday, sis.

Birthday Massage For Younger Sister:

  1. I watched you grow up proudly as if you were my own child and look at you now! Happy birthday, little sis.
  2. Always remember that you are cool, not cooler than I am, but you are. Happy birthday, kiddo.
  3. I have been there through it all and ready to go through it all again with you if you need me to. Happy birthday, sis.
  4. You will always be my favorite little girl no matter how older you get. Happy birthday, sis.
  5. I wish you never witnessed the pain that I have been through but go through the adventures I always tell to you. Happy birthday, sis.
  6. I see myself in you a lot, and I hope you grow into a better person than I am. Happy birthday, sis.
  7. Remember that I will always be there for you when you need me to. Happy birthday, little sunshine.
  8. I wish you all the happiness and unicorns in the world. Happy birthday, sis.
  9. Happy birthday to the cutest little sister anyone can ever wish to see every day of their childhood. I love you, kid.
  10. I want you to have everything I never had a little kid, so here is some money. Happy birthday, sis. 
  11. I hope your new year is cutie than the one before. Happy birthday, little kid.
  12. I hope you have the most fun and cheerful birthday. I love you, sis.
  13. Happy birthday to the cute girl you are and the amazing little sister you are to me. I love you.
  14. Happy birthday to the sweetest little sister any sibling can ask for. I love you.
  15. I hope you live your dreams to the fullest. Happy birthday, little sis.
  16. Do not let anyone tell you cannot be the princess you think you are. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  17. May not be the princess of this country but you are the queen of my heart. Happy birthday, sis.
  18. You may not be a rock star but you rock my world and star my every night sky. Happy birthday, sis.
  19. I would never have wished for a better little sister to share my silliness with. Happy birthday, cutie. 
  20. Happy birthday to my little partner in every crim. I love you, sis.
  21. You are getting too old for me to keep track on but you will always be my little sister. Happy birthday, cutie.
  22. Thank you for cheering me up when I needed to and for bringing joy into my rough days. Happy birthday, sis.
  23. I wish your new year were filled with joy and laughter. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  24. Happy birthday to my favorite little support system. I love you, sis.
  25. I promise you to always be there when you need me even when you are too shy to ask. Happy birthday, sis.
  26. Happy birthday to my favorite outing partner. I love you, sis.
  27. I hope your life is forever colorful and full of music. Happy birthday, sis.

Birthdays are always full of fun, joy and loved all over the world. It is a great opportunity for family and friends to gather around in the celebration of a family member they really love.

A party can make the birthday fun, a concert can make a birthday more fun, but only the good company would make a special and an unforgettable birthday.

Make sure you have done your best helping your sister her birthday and being a big part of the memories of that day.

Make her feel as loved as you tell her all the time.

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