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Affordable Flower Girl Dresses with Customizable Options and Sizing

It begins with a wish, then a dream, and finally, it becomes a reality!  From the first moment you attend a wedding as a child, you begin to wish and imagine how yours would look like. One day the wishes and dreams become a reality, and you are ready to walk down the aisle. Weddings are not just another occasion that takes place out of the blue, weddings are memorable events, and they deserve the best of everything.

The beauty of the wedding is not only in the vows, but the scenery, the attire, the mood, etc. and sometimes, the attire determines the mood. An old African joke says that your appearance on your wedding day, determines how happy you will be; if this is anything to go by, then wedding attires should be taken pretty seriously.

For many, they already envisaged their perfect look or attire for them and their entourage, however, it’s not just about dreaming it, you will feel more fulfilled if your dreams can be translated into reality. And the fact that you are not a fashion expert or enthusiast doesn’t mean you can’t have the best or your dream-look for your wedding.

There are a few retailers who are dedicated to providing the best of bridal wear and accessories and making your dreams come true. Let’s talk a little about princessly and how what they offer.

About Princessly

Princessly is an online retailer of women fashion but especially dealing on custom and non-custom bridal wears and flower girl dresses. Princessly aim to give you the perfect fit for your wedding by making available an online catalog of some of the best and most beautiful bridal outfit and flower girl dresses. Their catalog is often updated with the best from around the world. They also offer a fantastic collection of flower girl shoes. They are most popular for flower girl dresses.

It’s all about Weddings!

Princessly is determined to make your day beautiful, as they also provide exquisite collections of dresses for your bridesmaid and maid of honor. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it’s only the bride that matters. Your entourage (Maid of honor and bridesmaid) also deserves to be beautiful; they make the light shine brighter and add to the glitz and glamour of the day. It is important to look beautiful on your wedding day, but your beauty would be incomplete if your entourage is not also looking beautiful.

Princessly helps to maintain an alluring uniformity of beauty and charm.

Beyond Weddings

Even if you are not searching for a wedding dress, princessly still makes you look beautiful. They are not strictly just about the wedding as their catalog provides luxurious options of gowns, skirts, and shoes that can be worn for any event or occasion.

From Asia to the World

Birthed in Xi’an China, Princessly is Asia based; however, there are no boundary limitations to their offers and sales. They have a huge market and can ship to any part of the world. Currently, orders are shipped to over 190 countries with people from different territories and continents relying on princessly to make their day beautiful.

Also, their catalogs are not only made up of Asian produced designs; there are designs from different parts of the world as 40% of their catalog is made in North America. For Princessly, fashion and beautiful designs are not locations specific; as long as it’s gorgeous and great, then it should be in the catalog.

Customer Acceptability and Review

With over 400 positive customer reviews, Princessly is a top choice for bridal wear and women fashion. There are numerous testimonials from customers on their website and also other bridal clothing review platforms. One of the hallmarks of a great business is repeat customers; Princessly seems to have a lot of them going by customer review and commentaries.

Simply Original

People are often scared of shopping for clothes online due to the unfortunate experience of getting something that is less in quality and less beautiful than what is shown online. With princessly, the stories are different; what you see is what you get. A few customers have affirmed that the clothes look more beautiful physically than online. Interestingly, they offer a customer guarantee, promising a full refund if you don’t receive any compliments on any of their flower girl dresses.

Customer Service

Princessly have a customer satisfaction unit dedicated to reviewing and resolving customers’ complaints. They have a complaint query medium on their website. Also, there are phone numbers and email addresses through which they can be easily reached.

Return Policy

Princessly offer an easy return policy with a money-back guarantee, albeit under certain conditions. To be eligible for a full refund, the product must be returned in the original condition as they were delivered with tags and packaging; also a return request must be lodged with the customer service within 30 days of order’s shipment. For further details on their return policy, check their website.

Cancellation Policy

They also provide a flexible cancellation policy. Customers may cancel orders at no charge before shipment, but if orders are canceled within 3days after payment confirmation, the customer will only get a partial refund, which includes full shipping cost repayment, and 50% of the product purchase price. The website provides further details on their cancellation policy.

Accessibility and Use

Princessly is an online shop, which means you only get to pick products and pay for them online without first seeing them physically. Their Platform is generally user-friendly and easy to navigate, you can shop with ease with the obvious placements of products. Also, pictures of the products are clear and detailed.

They provide various payment options ranging from Paypal to the use of debit cards. You can make payments in the most convenient way.


With the tons of positive reviews, it is easy to conclude that Princessly offers value and great service in relation to bridal and flower girl attires. And with the ambitious vision to expand to all kinds of women fashion and accessories, they can be trusted to keep you beautiful even beyond your wedding day. Princessly reflects your wishes and utmost desires with their amazing collections of bridal wears.

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