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How to charge your laptop manually? 7 easy ways&Tips to do it easily.

If you have a critical task to complete on your laptop and the battery is dying but you can’t charge it with your regular charger, most of us will postpone our work until the problem is resolved; however, if you don’t have the luxury of delaying your work you will need a quick solution to charge your laptop battery, In this article, you will learn how to charge your laptop manually and we’ll go over some tried-and-true methods for manually charging a laptop battery to rescue the day without jeopardizing your data or laptop’s life.

 In the modern-day computers and laptops are widely used for work and personal use. But laptops can serve a user much easier as you can use them without the electric supply presence due to the availability of the laptop battery.

Usually, an average fully charged laptop battery will last between 3-4 hours until the next battery recharge, but if you got stuck with a broken charger or charging port, or whatever reason preventing you from using your regular charger don’t panic, In this article, we will discuss some solutions which will help you to charge your laptop manually

Firstly you need to understand what might lead you to this situation where your laptop stops charging

  • The battery in your laptop is no longer functional.
  • The charging pin may be damaged
  • It’s possible that the adapter cable is faulty.
  • No electric power in the wall socket
  • The charging cord is damaged internally

So, whatever the cause of the problem, we’re here to provide you with a quick rundown of how to fix it without too much trouble.

before getting started with any of the solutions below you need to understand them precisely to ensure that no damage occurs to the laptop or the battery circuit

Charging your battery externally

Charging your battery externally is pretty simple, just follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure your laptop battery is detachable
  2. Remove the battery from the laptop
  3. Connect the battery to the external charger (9 pin interface) but make sure that the pins are compatible
  4. Disconnect the external charger after the battery has been fully charged and reinstall the battery in the laptop.

Charging the laptop battery using a Type-C USB port

There are 3 types of Ports, A, B, and C, type A can’t be used in charging your laptop battery because they can power out data only but types B and C will prove to be very handy in charging your battery by just connecting a USB-C cable between your laptop and an appropriate outlet

This is the most reliable way of charging your laptop manually but unfortunately, the Type C- port is found only in modern laptops so if you own one of the older models you will have to find another way to charge your laptop.

Universal power adapter

The most convenient way to manually charge a laptop is with a Universal Power Adapter, it will allow you to charge your battery directly. This procedure is simple and straightforward. However, this procedure may be risky for your laptop. The primary cause for this is that the adapter is not made by the original manufacturer.

But if you check that the adapter you get is suitable for your laptop brand and power rating then you have nothing to worry about, this type of adapter is also quite inexpensive and available in the markets

AC adapter

You can also use an AC adapter to charge your laptop but if have a suitable port, however, if it’s not present there is nothing to be concerned about, you can use a connector point which is easily available in the markets, you can just connect your laptop to the AC adapter and charge your laptop easily

Super Laptop battery

Another fantastic solution to your problem is a Super laptop battery. You’ll need a super battery for this, which you can readily get on the market. This battery has a backup life of around six to eight hours.

The super laptop battery cannot be charged with the regular laptop charger so you will have to get the dedicated charger and follow the following steps:

  1. Remove your drained battery
  2. Attach the super battery
  3. Connect the dedicated charger if it is not fully charged
  4. Now you have at least six hours in which you can charge your regular battery using the external charger

Use a solar charging kit

Recently the use of Nature-friendly power sources is becoming more popular, so these solar kits can be used to convert solar energy to electric energy, A solar kit contains a compact solar panel and a pack of batteries, simply all you need is sun exposure.

However, the solar charger can not be connected directly to your laptop, so as a result, you must fully charge the solar kit before connecting it to your laptop.

Using a power bank

This is the simplest way to charge your laptop without a charger, if you don’t have access to any of the solutions below you just need to have a power bank, it adds a few extra hours of battery life, it may come in handy when you need it most.

But firstly Make sure it’s compatible with your DC adapter. The majority of power banks allow several DC adapters, so take care to get the compatible one

FAQS of how to charge your laptop manually.

What may cause laptop battery malfunction?

  • Using your laptop without appropriate cooling
  • Long periods of time using your laptop
  • Continuously discharging your laptop while using it

Which method should I use if I have non-removable internal batteries?

  • If you own one of the newer laptop models with non-removable internal batteries then you shouldn’t try to detach the battery by yourself, This is something that only experienced technicians should attempt.

If I have no electric power supply, does this mean my battery will certainly die?

Definitely not, you can use a solar kit charger that needs only solar energy, you will just need to charge the solar kit first by exposing it to sunlight then you can connect it to your laptop

Is it feasible to use an HDMI port to charge my laptop?

  • No, you cant use an HDMI cable to charge your laptop because it cant transfer current to your laptop

Can I use any power cord to charge my laptop?

  • To begin with, you need to check the connector tips if it is compatible with your laptop charging port
  • Then make sure your laptop and the adapter’s wattage are compatible, the function of the adapter is to convert the voltage received from the power supply to the voltage required by the laptop

How can I buy a new charger for my laptop?

  • Look for your laptop’s model number.
  • Find the wattage details
  • You can find the compatible laptop adapter easily using the wattage details

Are there any possible ways to prolong my laptop battery life?

  1. Decrease the screen brightness, the screen consumes most of your battery power, so by sacrificing a brighter display you can increase your battery life
  2. Modify Power settings by clicking on the battery sign in the right corner then clicking on battery settings then click on battery saver, this will extend your battery life by limiting the background activity.
  3. Switch Off WiFi, as long as the WiFi is on it will keep looking for available networks which unnecessarily drains the battery
  4. Disable Bluetooth, it also consumes battery life searching for available devices
  5. Managing the applications running on your laptop, It takes a lot of power to run many applications and open multiple tabs furthermore it will slow down your laptop


A laptop is a portable and energy-efficient computer. It is a necessary piece of equipment for a professional. We always want a long battery life because it is powered by a battery. As a result, you should take care of your laptop’s battery in order to extend its life, so there are a few things you can do to achieve this goal

  • Use the Most Effective Charging Methods

To get the most out of your laptop, it’s advised that you keep it charged between 40 and 60%., don’t drain your battery completely before charging it again, this may cause a reduction of the battery life cycle and may cause a damage risk

  • Try to minimize the usage of other charging methods other than charging using the original charger. Simply the most efficient charger is the one provided by the manufacturer of your laptop
  • Watch out for overheating, laptop batteries are made of lithium which is highly flammable and can cause an electrical fire in severe cases but mainly the overheat will destroy your battery life gradually so you will have to take care of the following modifications
  1. Always make sure the internal fan is clean
  2. Make sure your laptop is properly ventilated
  3. Don’t place your laptop on a flat surface because it blocks the air circulation
  4. Don’t work at a place where the laptop will be exposed to the sun
  5. To be safe, vacuum cooler pads can be used to keep your laptop at a constant temperature.

I hope you found my article on how to manually charge a laptop battery useful and you were able to find the answer you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and submit your thoughts and questions; best of luck!

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