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How to Clean Laptop Touchpad? 7 tips you should do to get a wonderful result.

As Currently Known, laptops are our real weapon to do any of our needed work, so whether you are working or studying you never can do any needed task without using your laptop! As long as your laptop is that important to you, then you’ve to take care of it, especially by cleaning each of its parts frequently. So, in the below lines, we will outline how to clean Laptop Touchpad which is one of the parts that is constantly exposed to dirt, because it is constantly touched by our hands, as well as it has tiny recesses that dust easily, and all of these get stuck in. As long as it is almost impossible to wash your hands before each time you start using the touchpad, it is more important to know how to properly clean it, since it needs special attention and caution while its cleaning process needs extreme sensitivity, compared to any other cleaning mission you can do. 

Yeah, you may think it’s an easy thing to do on your own, right, you may be knowing how to clean it well, but, it’s important to know a few things before you could start the cleaning task. You also have to make sure that you already have all the needed-right equipment set aside for that to clean it quite perfectly, exactly as it has to be! So, let’s figure out the following words. 

Let’s dig deeper…

The Needed Cleaning Tools:

A Cloth Piece of Synthetic Fiber 

The best cleaning tool and the very essential one to use is a soft, clean, and dry lint-free cloth. As fabrics made of industrial fibers are the ideal choice for this task. So, if you have a 100% cotton cloth, that would be a great option.

Small Cotton Buds

Merely, Using cotton sticks/buds is an ideal way to clean the little corners in a laptop touchpad.

Electronics Cleaner

Always use a small amount of any available electronics’ cleaner, then apply it to a fiber cloth as that method is better than using any other household cleaners. That’s mainly to avoid any possible damage that may be caused while using any other kind of cleaners. 

Compressed Air Spray 

Compressed air spray is a super effective way for removing dust, suspended objects, or any other dust particles; it works effectively, especially when cleaning up the keyboard.

The Second/Main Part: Tips & Steps to Nail Up The Cleaning-Process of The Laptop Touchpad 

Tip & Needed Step 

The first thing you’ve to pay attention to is switching off your laptop, making sure that you fully unplugged the electric adapter from the electricity port. That’s mainly to avoid any possible system failure or any sudden unneeded electric shock. 

Tip & Needed Step 

A dry cloth is an ideal tool to clean the touchpad as well as the majority of any electronic device, just to remove any dirt, grime, and even an oil buildup on the device, and exactly on the touchpad. Although, a damp cloth will work better in such cases. 

Tip & Needed Step 

Remove dust and small particles from the touchpad using a compressed air spray.

Really, the usage of the compressed air spray is a very ideal way to clean the tightest corners, crevices, and all the hard-to-reach stuck dirt and dust. Just direct the air at an angle that forces the dirt out rather than pushing it further in.

Tip & Needed Step 

Gently wet a piece of cloth from the electronics cleaner and then start with a light pressure on the touchpad itself to remove all the dirt; after finishing that part of the cleaning process dry the touchpad again with the same exact cloth. But, while doing that, do it gently.

P.S: Avoid soaking the cloth in too much electronics’ cleaner; just wet the corner of the cloth slightly and wipe the keys carefully.

Tip & Needed Step 

When it comes to cleaning the tiny corners of whether the touchpad or the entire keyboard; the cotton bud would be the very best option. It easily removes dust and dirt from even the smallest sides of the touchpad. So, cotton buds are an irreplaceable possible option.  

Tip & Needed Step 

After finishing all the previous tips of the cleaning process, dampen the previously mentioned cloth again with the electronics cleaner and wipe the entire sides of the laptop and mainly the touchpad part. Just to make sure that all the unwanted dust and dirt were totally removed. 

Tip & Needed Step 

Just to make sure that the entire cleaning process is done well and as it could be, follow all the previously mentioned tips and steps and especially the very last one by one essential step which is drying the touchpad as well as the entire laptop with a clean dry cloth. That’s mainly to make sure it’s safe now to use the laptop. 


  • To ideally do the cleaning process of the touchpad, make sure that the touchpad should be cleaned when the laptop is turned off, and to be more safe keep the entire laptop unplugged.
  • You should clean the touchpad regularly; either daily by wiping it quickly before opening the laptop with a dry fiber cloth, or even by a little deeper way like all the previously mentioned tips for once or twice a week.
  • It is better not to use any of the household cleaning products, such as glass cleaners or any other proper cleaning products; because they all undoubtedly contain water that may damage the internal components of laptops. So, use an electronics cleaner instead and that could result in better cleaning.
  • In the case of deciding to use a touchpad cleaner such as water or any other cleaning solution; always use a very small amount of any proper liquid, then apply it to the cloth itself rather than use it directly on the touchpad, and that’s mainly to avoid any possible damage.
  • Make sure that you have a special soft tissue “for your laptop only” available nearby for emergencies, just to prevent any suddenly poured liquid from getting inside the touchpad.
  • Always use the electronics cleaner in every possible amount and usage. 
  • In case of the absence of compressed air spray; instead, flip the laptop at a vertical angle, shake it to remove dust and any other fine particles.

Bottom Line 

Now, and after all the previously mentioned tips and steps you are so ready to clean your touchpad like an exp. and restore your laptop glow even cleaner than any other old known cleaning method. Just genuinely follow all of these and don’t forget to let the laptop dry naturally just to guarantee yourself a safe use. 

Hopefully, after applying all of the above about how to clean the laptop touchpad, open your laptop after, and if you further worry about any of the mentioned lines, don’t ever hesitate to hit us a message with any of your requirements/questions. 

On A Side Note: 

The previously-mentioned tips and steps are commonly used and very applicable for all laptop types. Although, not all laptops are having the same features and do not apply the same exact built process. So, be aware that one cleaning tip might be perfect for one type and not surely perfect for the other type. However, we’re not responsible if you cause any harm to your laptop touchpad, as you firstly should be sure 100% while following these tips and steps.  
You also need to clean your laptop fan to avoid grinding noise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – How to Clean Laptop Touchpad ?

How to Clean/Get-rid-of An Oil Build-up on My Laptop Touchpad? 

The first thing you’ve to know about, is sometimes it’s not a build-up oil spot as you think it would be, as sometimes it’s due to the heavy use for that part of the laptop and it’s not a cause of dirt or grease. But, in case the cause of that is dirt or grease, clean it by using something water-based (but only a small amount). Just, dampen a dry-clean cloth and wipe, but NEVER pour water directly onto the touchpad.

I Gently Cleaned My Touchpad, But, Currently, It Barely Works. How Can I Fix That?

Basically, that could be happening because some moisture might have gotten in while the cleaning process, and seemingly it did little damage (in case the function is coming back). So, the first proven solution is to open the keyboard part down in a warm dry place.  

In case you try the previously mentioned solution and it is still not working, and if you have the technical skills, open your laptop and check the touchpad connectors. or use a BlueTooth mouse instead until you have the chance to ask a hardware expert for help. 

How Can I Get Rid of the Ugly Scratches on My Laptop Touchpad?

To remove any ugly scratch on the touchpad, simply use a citrus-based cleaner to saturate the touchpad. Firstly, clean the entire touchpad with it and then apply it liberally on the scratches. Apply the cleanser gently on the surface of the touchpad to maximize adhesion. Then let the cleanser remain on the surface for five minutes at least before using it.    

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