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6 Tips On How to Make a Laptop Screen Brighter than Max?

Laptops are designed to meet our needs no matter what they are. That is why the brightness level can be adjusted easily. You can make it very dim when working indoors, but for outdoor places, it is almost impossible to see anything without setting the brightness level at max.

But sometimes, even the maximum level isn’t enough. The sun can be burning and you need to see clearly, or you could be working on videos or foggy pictures and you need a clear look at what you are doing. Or you just want it brighter than the original level for your comfort. So no matter what the reason is, you might need a quick solution, and that is what we are here for. so you will learn in this guide 6 Tips On How to Make a Laptop Screen Brighter than Max.

That is why, we are providing you with six easy methods so you can change the brightness level and make it brighter than max, so stick with us.

Making Laptop Screen Brighter than Max

1. Adjust your Display’s Brightness

First of all, before you try different methods to change the brightness level, you have to make sure that default brightness settings are set to the maximum. 

The easiest way to do this is by using the hotkeys on the keyboard, they are two keys that are used to change the brightness higher and lower, you can adjust it to the maximum.

If the hotkeys don’t work for whatever reason, you can change the brightness level through window settings through the following steps:

  1. on the keyboard, press Windows Key + I to access windows settings. Or you can click on the start menu and choose settings from the menu.
  2. from the system menu, choose the display section which is in the left-hand side menu.
  3. when choosing the Brightness and color section, you will be able to find the brightness slider.
  4. Using the slider is very convenient. You drag the slider to the extreme right and you will notice the brightness level goes up as the screen is brighter, push the slider to the end to have the maximum.

2. Adjusting Display Brightness on Windows 10 Desktop

If you use Windows 10 desktop, there is a chance that you won’t be able to perform the previous method as it is particularly targeted towards laptop users. With that being said, you can use different hardware options for adjusting the brightness. 

Almost all desktop monitors have control buttons that are located on either the bottom or on the back. So if the windows settings don’t work, you can use the buttons and set the brightness at the maximum.

3. Apps for Boosting Brightness

If the brightness is still not satisfying for you, or the brightness option doesn’t work, it is time to try other third-party apps. These apps are known for offering a higher brightness level than the usual by overriding the display and increasing its brightness further.

For Windows systems, the most used apps, such as f.lux and Lemin App with CF, can do the job well. These apps will boost the brightness to more than maximum. Also, they adjust the brightness to match the environment and the brightness of each time of the day.

4. How to Make Laptop Screen Brighter than Max on Windows 10

On Windows 10, you can change the brightness easily.

Just head to the notification section placed in the bottom right corner of your screen. And at the bottom, you will find a brightness slider so that you can control it easily.

5. Adjust Monitors Brightness through Calibration

You can use the computer’s color calibration wizard so you can get the most out of the screen’s brightness. This wizard enables you to control the hue and brightness of the screen for both laptops and desktops, and it doesn’t require installation.

  • Click on the start menu which is the windows icon on the bottom left side of the screen, or simply press the windows key.
  • Access the settings from the start menu which holds the gear symbol.
  • Go to the system page.
  • Open the display section, and keep on scrolling until you find advanced display system under the Multiple Display option.
  • Click the hyperlink for display adapter properties, then a pop-up window should appear.
  • After that, click on the color management tab and pick a color scheme. Then another pop-up window should emerge.
  • Finally, select the Calibrate display option to calibrate your laptop screen, so that you can use it at the maximum brightness possible.

6. Disabling Automatic Brightness

If you want your screen to stay this bright all the time, you need to disable the automatic brightness. This is caused by the laptop screen in order to save the laptop battery when it is very low, but if that is inconvenient to you, you should do the following:

  • Use the windows search so that you click on the Edit Power Plan option so that you can open the Control Panel on your laptop.
  • After clicking on Change Advanced Power Settings option, a new window shall be opened.
  • Then tap on the display section, and change the Enable Adaptive Brightness setting to Off and save your settings.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness on a MacBook

If you have a MacBook, then you have probably noticed the light sensor feature. What it does is adjust the screen’s brightness based on ambient lighting, but you can overrun the sensor’s behavior. When being in a bright room, more contrast is definitely necessary to read or see the screen well. But in dark rooms, you might need to change the colors of the screen itself. 

This can come in handy if, for example, you are reading something, and instead of black words on a white page, you have it the other way, a dark page with white words.

To change the brightness, follow these steps:

  • Press the F1 key, it is easily found because it has a small light icon on it, to reduce brightness. The larger brightness icon, sun-shaped, is to increase the brightness level. When you perform any of these tasks, the icon should appear on the screen with bars at the bottom to refer to how dim or bright the screen’s current state is.
  • Head to the Apple menu, then click on system Preferences, and choose the display icon.
  • After that, click on the Automatically Adjust Brightness check box, so that you can enable or disable the light sensor feature. You can also control the brightness from this action by sliding the bar to the right or the left.

Adjusting Contrast and Inverting the Display

  • Click on System Preferences from the Apple menu. then choose the Accessibility icon.
  • You will find a button labeled Increase Contrast, it works by making the difference between light and dark colors more noticeable.
  • The other button is invert colors. This is the one responsible for changing the letters to be white on a dark page instead of black letters on a white page. You can use the Grayscale option to make color schemes better.

FAQs Of How to Make a Laptop Screen Brighter than Max

How to make a laptop screen brighter than max Windows 7?

in Windows 7, this option is available in the control panel. All you have to do is open the control panel and adjust the screen brightness at your desired level from the display and screen brightness option. Or you can just do it the easy way and click on the battery icon that is appearing on the right side of the taskbar.

Where is the brightness control on Windows 10?

In windows 10, you can find the brightness slider in the notification center at the lower right corner. Or you can find it in the settings by going to Settings > System > Display > and there you can move the slider right and left to adjust the brightness.

Is it possible to increase the brightness of my laptop screen beyond the max settings?

When using some apps, your screen can be brighter and make some difference in the brightness level, but you can’t go beyond 100% on the laptop.

Final Thoughts

Making the laptop screen brighter than the maximum level is not a hard thing to do. In this article, we have shown you six different methods on how to do that on windows, and how you can do it on a MacBook. We also included the most asked questions regarding this subject and their answers to summarize the topic.

If you have inquiries and you need an answer to them, leave us a comment down below.

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